speaking sample test

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speaking part 3: how to deal with the ‘spider’ task



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CAE ‘pre testing’ mercredi 6 janvier

reading and use of english du test 1 à faire en ligne, imprimez le test pour garder une trace et me montrer vos réponses


bon courgae




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liens pour faire un sample test sur le site cambridge

first (“facile”)


advanced (plus dur)



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speaking test: examples

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express agreement, disagreement


  1. Learn how to Express agreement and disagreement

To Agree


Use adverbes : totally! Exactly! Absolutely! actually! definitely! Doubtlessly! Actually (yes)!

Definitely! For sure! Sure enough! Unquestionably! Precisely!

“I completely agree,” or “You’re totally right.”

I share your view.

I think so.

I really think so.

He is quite right / absolutely right       .

I have no objection.

I approve of it.

I have come to the same conclusion

I hold the same opinion.

We are of one mind.

I am at one with him on that point.

It is true.

That is right.

That’s just it !

Fair enough !

Quite so !

Just so !



To Disagree

Say “I’m afraid. . .” For example, you could say “I’m afraid I don’t agree with you,” or “I’m afraid I can’t agree.” If you do not agree with anything the other person has said, you can say…

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CAE sample questions for paper 5 speaking, part 1

speaking part 1


Cae paper 5 speaking



Test 1

Part 1 (3 minutes)

where are you from ?I was born in…

I grew up in…

I was brought up in a place called…

what do you do here/thereI ‘ve been studying at gymnase jean sturm since 2004
how long have you been studying English ?I’ve been studying English for … years
What do you enjoy most about learning English ?What I really love about (v ing) is…

The thing I like most of all is…

Do you prefer studying on your own or with other people ?Everyone is different. Different methods work for different people
How important have teachers been in your life so far ?My teachers who did not believe in me. This is where I realized you can use bad influence to create the good.

s. Schutz was funny, intelligent, gave the best advice and was…

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a preview of your exam


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notice to candidates


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