CAE sample questions for paper 5 speaking, part 1

Cae paper 5 speaking



Test 1

Part 1 (3 minutes)

where are you from ? I was born in…

I grew up in…

I was brought up in a place called…

what do you do here/there I ‘ve been studying at gymnase jean sturm since 2004
how long have you been studying English ? I’ve been studying English for … years
What do you enjoy most about learning English ? What I really love about (v ing) is…

The thing I like most of all is…

Do you prefer studying on your own or with other people ? Everyone is different. Different methods work for different people
How important have teachers been in your life so far ? My teachers who did not believe in me. This is where I realized you can use bad influence to create the good.

s. Schutz was funny, intelligent, gave the best advice and was overall exceptional.

. They were my safety net for taking intelligent risks in my life.

His influence initated many conversations on subjects that I once thought was impossible

What is your happiest memory of school ? I can remember… very clearly
What were the most useful things you learned at school ? Probaly…

I suppose things like…

What do you enjoy learning ? I really like… – ing
If you had the opportunity to learn somehting new, what would you choose ? That’s an easy/difficult question to answer.

Let me think ;..

Which is the most important room in your house ? It’s definitely my…(bedroom, living room, kitchen, (cellar ?),
What do you do to keep fit ?
If you had the opportunity to learn a new sport, what would it be ? I think i’d give basketball a try in as much as…
How important are sport and exercise in your life I play… whenever I can

I run whenever I get the chance.

Practising a sport is not terribly important to me.

How important is the computer in your daily life ? It( highly important/ it’s essential/ I couldn’t do without
Is it easy for you to find time to relax every day ? I try to recharge every day by meditating, doing some sport, taking a walk, chatting with my friends but due to the incredible amount of work I have to deal with it’s harder and harder
Which part of the day do you enjoy most ? I’m not very good at… (time of the day)

I’m best in (the morning, the afternoon, the evening, in the night)

I’m a night person

I’m an early morning person

What do you like to do at week ends ? I try to catch up on…

I spend time + v ing

Mainly I…

Most of the time I…

My problem is I …

The thing about me is that I …

I’d always rather base verbale than base verbale

Do you and your firends share the same interests ?Is this a good thing ? We see eye to eye on many subject.
Do you think you’ll still have the same friends in ten years’s time ? Who knows what i’ll e doing in 5 years’ time. I might be travelling all over the world, so maybe our friendship will fade away.
FUTURE plans
What do you think you’ll be doing in five years’ time ?
Are you excited or worried about the future ?
What do you hope to be doing this time next year ? I hope to be v-ing at (place)
How might you use your English in the future ? I expect I’ll be …
Would you consider living abroad permanently ? I’d certainly consider +v ing

I’d have to think carefully about

It’s not something I’d rush into

Are you someone who like to plan for the future, or do you prefer to let things happen I’m someone who…

I’m not the kind of persons who…

In what ways do you hope to use your English in the future ?
Looking back in your life, what has been a memorale event for you ?
Do you prefer watching films at home or at the cinema ?
How important are newspaper for you ?
What type of TV programmes do you think are worth watching ? I’m really keen on…

I never miss…

What type of music do you enjoy listening to ? I love…

I can’t stand…

What advice would you give to someone coming to visit your country ?
Would you consider going on holiday on your own ?
What kind of holidays appeal to you most ? why ? I tend to prefer…mainly because…

My main reason is that I …

Which countries would you like to viit, why ? I’ve always wanted to …
Which part of your country would you recommend to tourists ? why ? I’d recommend, suggest they visit…
Would you like to work in the travel industry ? why, I’ve never thought about that, I’m not so sure…
What do you do to relax after a busy day ?
How important is music in your life ?
Where would you like to go for your next holiday ?
Who has had   the greatest influence in your life so far ?
How easy is it for you to meet new people ?
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