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TEST BLANC à faire pour la rentrée

FCE 2015 BOOK 1 TEST 1 IMG_20141215_0001 IMG_20141215_0002 IMG_20141215_0003 IMG_20141215_0004 IMG_20141215_0005 IMG_20141215_0006 IMG_20141215_0007 IMG_20141215_0008 IMG_20141215_0009 IMG_20141215_0010 IMG_20141215_0011 IMG_20141215_0012 IMG_20141215_0013 IMG_20141215_0014 IMG_20141215_0015 IMG_20141215_0016 IMG_20141215_0017 IMG_20141215_0018 IMG_20141215_0019 IMG_20141215_0020 IMG_20141215_0021

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FCE sample test à faire pour la semaine prochaine

First 2015 Listening sample paper First 2015 Reading and Use of English sample paper First 2015 Speaking sample paper First 2015 Writing sample paper

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